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BitComet Tracker Overview:

BitCometTracker is a high performance bittorrent tracker with a lot of enhancement. BitCometServer supports both HTTP and UDP tracker protocols, database plugins, and multi-port listening. BitCometServer is tested under heavy load, over 80,000 torrents and 800,000 users. SDK sample of the datebase plugin is also provided.

BitComet Tracker Features:

BitComet Tracker Download

Version Release Date(YYY.MM.DD) Size(Bytes) MD5 2007.02.05 1,535,464B md5 2006.11.01 1,514,380B md5 2006.06.28 1,089,520B md5 2006.02.12 1,388,355B md5 2005.04.05 1,213,795B md5

BitComet Tracker Changelog

v0.5 2007.02.05
[CORE] fix some bugs that may cause memory leaks
[CORE] fix the bug that it can not run under Windows 2000
[CORE] fix some bugs that may cause high Session Table load after long time running
v0.4 - 2006.11.01
[CORE] Improve the processing speed of the core
[CORE] Rewrite the core using multi-thread IOCP, improve the performance greatly
v0.3 - 2006.6.28
[GUI] save program running info in TrackerLaunchLog.txt file located at BitCometTracker.exe's path every 30 min
[GUI] add two level of database authentication in config dialog
[CORE] db_fetch() function parameter changed to define database authentication level
[CORE] more program run-time error can be detected by the crash report
[PLUGIN] db_fetch2() function parameter changed to query added and deleted records from database
[PLUGIN] add an example implement of db_fetch() and db_fetch2() in db_mysql plugin.
[PLUGIN] add an example implement of db_fetch2() in db_mssql plugin.
v0.2 - 2006.2.12
[GUI] add the option to start service automatically at program startup
[GUI] add more database option
[GUI] add help link on main dialog and "config" dialog
[GUI] add options to enable/disable listen on TCP/UDP port
[GUI] add more explicit prompt when error happens.
[CORE] add connection authentication mode, only processing task exsit in database
[CORE] fix some bugs that may cause high CPU load after long time running
[CORE] improve the database operation
[CORE] fix a CrashReport bug that the dmp file cannot be zipped.
[CORE] fix some bugs that may cause runtime error
[PLUGIN] add two data fetching functions
v0.1 - 2005.4.5
First time release.

BitComet Tracker Documentations

Please visit the wiki help: [HERE]

BitComet Tracker License

You can use this software for free. This software is provided 'as is'. The authors cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or other misfortunes resulting from the use of this program. Likewise the authors cannot be held responsible for the use or misuse of this software.